CCR2000 at 400+ FSW !

June 19, 2000

Here is a preview of the new form factor of the CCR2000 as manufactured by Olympic Submarine Technologies of Shelton Washington, USA.

This unit uses a 4lb scrubber unit.

CCR2000 4lb.jpg (24466 bytes)


February 14, 2000


     March 10, 1999

 I recently recieved a note from Dan Wible the developer of the CCR2000 Rebreather which told me of his latest training course in the Caymans.

   Between March 3rd and 7th Dan completed the training of the first 3 students certified to dive the CCR2000 rebreather to 500 feet.  There were two dozen dives conducted on the rebreathers during this time with the maximum depth bottoming out at 405 fsw!

    During the training all four units that were used relieably completed the series of dives without a single incidence of downtime. 

    The CCR 2000 has a integral deco computer which calculates decompression obligations and allows for "on the fly" gas changes.  This computer was used successfully with repetative deep dives as the primary source of deco stops.  There were no reported incidents with any of the divers during this dive series using the algorithms  in the CCR2000's pendant computer.CCR2000Soft.jpg (34947 bytes)

   Dan also told me that he left a rental unit in the Caymans for the use of anyone who has been trained and certified to dive the CCR2000.  The unit just happens to be quite near an equally rentable condo!  Contact Dan for further information.  

Late breaking news...  Dan has released a new "Soft Pack" version of his CCR2000 with a weight of only 44lbs!   This unit features the same technology as the regular CCR2000 in a new lightwieght soft backpack design.

On another note... Dan reports, "On 15 to 19 February the Navy (NEDU) in Panama City evaluated the CCR 2000. All oxygen and CO2 readings were monitored and found to be perfectly controled by the unit.".

You can get more info on the CCR2000 at AURA's website 


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