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Operation and Configuration

Safety and Convenience Features:




The K2 Advantage is a depth compensated, passive addition, semi-closed, recirculating underwater breathing apparatus. After having been involved in the design end of the rebreather business for over thirty years, it is the designers choice of the best combination of safety and operational features for the entry level user, yet still retains the features needed to satisfy the needs of more severe dive profiles.

The unit's operating system is completely contained within a single device in the loop called the system valve. This valve determines how much of each exhalation is expelled from the loop and how much is returned to the counterlung, based on depth. O2 fractions are very stable regardless of diver work load. Water introduced in to the loop at the mouthpiece is expelled with every exhalation in the normal swimming position. The proportioning mechanism utilizes new technology to make the unit far safer to swim hard at the surface than any other semi-closed rebreather on the civilian market. The valve's gas expulsions are totally silent and reduced to small bubble size to minimize intrusiveness. This valve is extremely durable and reliable and is not user serviceable. It is the manufacturer's policy to exchange the valve as a complete unit at no cost during warranty period and at a nominal cost thereafter. When a system received, a replacement is shipped the same day. To date, there have been no system valve failures.

The counterlung is proportioned to minimize negative lung loading and is situated in the loop in such a manner as to allow floods to be cleared with a minimal chance of caustic solution getting to the diver. An additional regulator is mounted on the front of the counterlung for ease of access and is manually adjustable during the dive to tailor its operation to the taste of the user. This regulator also functions as the manual addition valve when the cover is depressed.

The scrubber is a rectangular, large cross section axial flow unit that is very easy to load. When out of the rebreather, it can be sealed with its own hose connections with no additional components. The scrubber is available in several capacities, the smallest being 2.5 to 3.5 pounds (recommended for most users).

A small single action loop/ open circuit mode valve is provided at the mouthpiece, and both it and the hoses are neutrally in the water.

The standard unit carries a 60 cu. Ft. gas supply inside the case. The amount of available gas eliminates the need for additional open circuit bailout gas in most cases, and allows the user to conduct saw tooth dive profiles that would not be possible otherwise. The gas mix is chosen exactly as it would be for technical open circuit diving with 26% O2 being the recommended minimum for surface terminus dives. Standard nitrox or trimix tables, or decompression computers may be used, as the system is fraction constant rather then PO2 constant. Buoyancy is slightly negative and balance in all positions is exceptional. A small set of "wings" is provided on the standard unit (60 cu. Ft.) and the internal gas supply inflates them.

The standard unit can be disassembled for travel so that the loop components can be mounted on rentable scuba equipment at the destination with optional brackets. A separate K2 rebreather will soon be available in this configuration. The unit will cost considerably less than the standard K2 because it comes without a case, buoyancy compensation, backplate, tanks, valves, manifold, frame and single action loop to open circuit mode switching.

Different capacity tanks can be mounted on the standard unit, but the outer case only fits the twin 30cu. Ft. arrangement. Although some protection is compromised, the modified units are still extremely easy to swim (less drag than a single 80) as long as the tanks do not exceed 6 inches in diameter.

Although no rebreather design is a panacea, the designer and manufacturer believe the K2 Advantage provides the optimum blend of cutting edge technology, safety, ease of operation, low initial and operating costs, and satisfaction of the widest range of operational needs.

Configuration: Standard Model includes:- Operating system, counterlung and scrubber with component cover and twin of 30 cf. cylinders

Options Available: K3 full face mask designed specifically for rebreather use.

Breathing loop oxygen analyzer.

Suggested Retail Price: $3, 950.00

Tom Mount, CEO IANTD World Headquarters
Recently I had the privilege of being introduced to the newest Jack Kellon designed semi-closed rebreather, the K2 Advantage. In addition to inspecting the unit, I also had the good fortune to dive it. I was impressed by its comfort, efficiency, light weight and compact size. The K2 Advantage Rebreather is a passive, depth compensated semi-closed rebreather that is only slightly larger then a set of double 45s cylinders. It combines all the advantages of a passive system with low drag and built-in bailout gas. I definitely recommend the K2 Advantage Rebreather to anyone looking for a small, passive SCR capable of both shallow diving and deep mixed gas dives at a very affordable price.


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