These pages contain information about the Inspiration Rebreather from Ambient Pressure Diving, in the U.K. Many thanks to Steve Millard, of the University of Liverpool, for the information and pictures.

The Inspiration (formerly named "Buddy Inspiration",) is a fully closed unit capable of mixed gas operation. It is produced in the UK by Ambient Pressure Diving (formerly "A.P. Valves"). The cost is approximately 3900 UK Pounds. Training is required to purchase the unit and will be held in three levels through IANTD, from "No Stop Nitrox" to "Decompression Nitrox" to "Decompression Trimix". Current marketing plans are to begin sales in the UK and Asia with the US to follow.

November 1997

Current specs on this unit include:

The Primary and Secondary Displays


Miscellaneous pics...

*** The First Units are now delivered***


More are units coming soon....



The proud father.


The first batch of owners... (and 'breathers)


Looks like these Inspirations are inspiring smiles


For additional information you can visit A.P valves website or for company contact information you can see  the Manufacturers pages on this web site.

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