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MCU works directly with your toolpaths, using the same files you send to your CNC machine.  MCU doesn't require any tedious setup, and most styles of toolpath are automatically recognized as they open.

Although it would be impossible to describe everything you can do with MCU, a short list would include functions such as: graphical editing, verification, file and entity analysis, backplotting, and graphical file comparison, advanced wizards for restarting, inserting additional toolchanges and surface comparisons,  up to 5-axis backplot simulation, viewing of STL files and more.

"The MetaCut Utilities product is the best suite of G-code analysis and editing tools out there, and I would highly recommend it"

Phil Brylowski
Cimatron Technologies

click for a larger imageEach feature of MCU is arguably the best in class, but it's not the individual features that provide the real power... it's the way they all work seamlessly together, all at the same time, without any special effort from the user.

And while it may sound too good to be true, MCU manages to do all of this without sacrificing ease of use or speed.

For extended details on the many powerful features and options of MCU, check the feature list.

Because MCU redefines what you can do, and how you can work with your CNC files, there just isn't a good way to describe it with words. 

That's why you can download and try a fully functional copy for 30 days on us! 

Forget the words,
we can write anything we want to write here, you be the judge. 

Download a free trial now. (we'll even mail a CD to you if you prefer.)

MCU is the ultimate collection of tools and utilities for your toolpaths.

MCU is easy, powerful, fast, and affordable.

By combining industry know how, advanced interface design, and extreme programming technology.

Everyone who comes into contact with CNC files including: CAM programmers, machine operators, shop managers and CNC industry professionals.

We need your help!

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