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MetaCut Finish & Pro

In a nutshell

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MetaCut Finish is the ultimate weapon for anyone who regularly machines complex 3D shapes.

MetaCut Finish Optimization software is the verified way to improve your accuracy and surface finish while reducing machining time to the absolute minimum.   With thousands of installations worldwide since 1992 you can be assured of customer proven results.

No matter what type of milling machine you own MetaCut contains features guaranteed to improve the machining of finish passes on your conventional machines AND your high speed machines.

MetaCut Finish supports and creates the most advanced and absolute best, higher-level entity types for your finish passes.  Starting with your CNC point to point toolpaths, MetaCut Finish produces 2 Axis arcs, 3 axis arcs, NURBS and more.  And MetaCut Finish was the first to successfully use all of these machining entities in the field on real parts.

The original and still the best optimization for complex finish pass machining.

To improve surface finish and reduce machining time.

By eliminating control restrictions, while increasing the toolpath accuracy and controlling overtravel.

Anyone who regularly machines 3D shapes on CNC mills, or routers.


Many companies throughout the world depend on MetaCut Finish to help them to produce the best possible 3D shapes, in the least amount of time.. to find out how, explore the links at left or try MetaCut Finish in your shop risk free!

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