click for the detailsHere's the story behind the pictures...

These pictures represent the same magnified area (approximately 12x magnification), of the same part, cut on the same machine, on the same day, with the same tolerances, the same tool, and the same feeds and speeds.  The difference?  MetaCut Finish was used on the part on the right.


MetaCut Finish optimization produced a
visually better surface, 35% faster!*

The details:

Both parts used:

Mori-seki Horizontal Mill. 
Fanuc 16MC control with high speed options and a 64 bit RISC board.

Finishing toolpath tolerance: +/-.00014"  (both parts)



Standard Methods
(Left Picture)

MetaCut Finish
(Right Picture)

Machining time 19 mins 23 secs 12 mins 34 secs
Toolpath Point to point
(G1 linear motions)
Optimized with MetaCut Finish
(G2, G3 circular interpolation)

*Results will vary with part shape, material, maximum programmable feedrate, tooling, control, and machine.  With high speed controls and machines, time reductions of 5%-40% are common, with conventional controls, time savings of 25% - 200% are common.