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InterFlux- (In-ter-fluks) n. a fusion between two processes; to flow between.

InterFlux was designed to ease the difficulty of machining artwork and lettering with a CNC machine. It does this by directly importing images from popular graphics illustration programs and then converting them to extremely accurate lines and arcs that work well with your CAM system.

InterFlux has features specific to the problems faced in artistic machining. Time savings of 50%-90% in the preparation of these images are typical when using InterFlux as a part of the artwork production process.

How can I machine that logo?  If you have ever said this to yourself, you might want to read this article.


InterFlux provides a link between graphic Illustration software and CAD/CAM software.

Artwork and logos are usually defined with geometric entities that do not lend themselves to machining.

By reading the illustration files in their native format and translating them into high accuracy, low entity count, machinable geometry.

Anyone who regularly needs to machine artistic files on CNC machinery.