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  All "MCU included!" partners provide:
  MCU Light at no charge*
  • Direct access to MCU from the partner application
  • Automatic MCU Tool definitions
  • Additional features that vary by partner.

*No charge when used with the partner's software.
  Stand-alone operation of MCU requires purchase.


MCU included! Partners


Mastercam is one of the premier CAD/CAM solutions available today.  This powerful software has been in continuous development since 1983, and boasts the largest customer base of any CAM system.


MCU Integration :


MCU Light is included free of charge with Mastercam's v9.1 installation.  Mastercam customers can upgrade MCU Light to higher levels while retaining the additional functionality provided by the MCU & Mastercam partnership.

Integration options for MCU and Mastercam include:

  The MCU for Mastercam link provides a direct interface between MCU and the Mastercam programming system.  This link allows MCU to work seamlessly with the internal toolpath of Mastercam and adds functionality and features to help the machinist produce his parts with confidence in the shortest possible time.
  Automatic tool definition in the G-code! – Just post your toolpaths from Mastercam’s Operations Manager and the tools and stock are automatically defined.  No need to modify your post processors, MCU takes care of everything.
  MCU transfer for the Operations Manager–   One click of the MCU button and the toolpath is instantly transferred to the full MCU interface for details that you just can’t get anywhere else.
  Toolbar button –MCU can install a button in Mastercam’s toolbar that will transfer the current toolpath into MCU for detailed analysis.  The Operations Manager does not need to be open for the toolbar button to complete the transfer.

A Powerful graphical or text Editor – MCU can be used as a regular text editor as well.   In fact, the interface changes depending on the type of file you open.  When you open a file containing a CNC file, the standard MCU interface loads;  When loading any other file type, the interface changes to a standard text editor interface.
    This makes it possible to use MCU as your default text editor in Mastercam.  If you check “edit” when posting, MCU will start after posting and load up with the toolpath interface (and all the tools automatically defined)!  Then go to File | Edit | PST, in Mastercam’s menus and the PST file will load into the text interface of MCU.  All automatically!


Partner contact :


CNC Software, Inc.
671 Old Post Road
Tolland CT, 06084, USA
Ph- +1 860.875.5006
Fx- +1 860.872.1565


VisualMill, the worlds first 100% windows, mainstream, 2.5 - 5 Axis CAD/CAM system. Incredibly easy to use, 100% Windows UI, and affordability are all trademarks of the award winning VisualMill product.



MCU Integration :


MCU Light is included free of charge with VisusalMill's v5.  VisualMill customers can also  upgrade MCU Light to take advantage of the full suite of powerful MCU features  while retaining the tight integration between MCU and VisualMill.

Integration options for MCU and VisualMill include:

  Automatic tool definitions for MCU when posting from VisualMill
  Auto-start MCU and load G-code when posting is complete
  Easy launch of MCU from VisualMill's "Utilitiies" menu.


Partner contact :


MecSoft Corporation
17905 Sky Park Circle Suite N.
Irvine, CA 92614
Ph- +1 949.654.8163
Fx- +1 949.654.8164

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