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MetaCut Finish / Pro

The MetaCut Utilities - "MCU"



“MCU saved my butt so many times”

Gord Menzies
PH Molds

"The MetaCut Utilities product is the best suite of G-code analysis and editing tools out there, and I would highly recommend it"

Phil Brylowski
Cimatron Technologies

“We require our people to use MCU, it’s saved us many hours of grief” 

Jeff Endean
Applications manager

"MCU is the quickest and easiest software I've ever used to verify paths."

John Alves
Makino Aerospace Group

"A must have for any CNC Programmer. Incredibly fast and easy to learn. An extremely powerful software tool."

Gary Zurek

"Competition? ...nothing comes close.  MCU is indispensable to my work."

Jeff Wallace
Makino R&D

MCU from the educational perspective

Hello Fellow CNC Teachers,

Until MCU, I used a student PC simulator to fill the gap between basic instruction and first runs of student programs.  Mastering a simulator takes away learning time yet my grads would not use that software in industry. On the other hand, genuine industrial toolpath software was way too expensive and too hard to learn, to be effective in my classroom where I was teaching entry-level machinists. 
MCU solves the problem. Every minute spent learning it goes toward job readiness plus it's a super-easy to learn instructional tool!  As a CNC instructor, I have four major concerns; safety, effective lessons, job ready graduates and my budget.  MCU improves them all. 
Safety              By using MCU's forward/reverse associativity between codes and graphic results, students can experiment without the fear of a crash.  Using MCU to help students visualize relationships and results, I estimate I'll be able to load their programs on the machines at least 25% faster with far less errors caused by the codes.  My time at the machine with the first-timer, will be more effective because we can concentrate more on good setups and machine coordination rather than single stepping through code to see if it works or not. We'll know it's right.
Instruction        Above all other traits, today's tech school grad needs to be self-instructing. Using the graphic tutorial and help menus, the student can begin with little assistance, thus setting a pattern for learning. Once they become comfortable with MCU (about 30 minutes practice) then I can use it to not only verify programs but I can also propose critical thinking problems to be solved on the PC.  MCU fills the training gap between instruction and actual machine experience. 
Job Ready       I teach in the Pacific Northwest where a medium length, raw wing spar can cost as much as $25K before a single chip is made!  Tryout parts are out of the question out here! Skills in toolpath evaluation is a must-have subject and now I can fit it into my curriculum and afford it too.
Budget             Like any school my budget is limited. I don't have as many CNC machines as I need to keep everybody busy in class.  But since I already teach Mastercam and have the PC's I can have a seat of MCU for every student. It breaks the training station bottleneck for two reasons: One, it's so very close to making chips that it is valid machine time. Two, it speeds up the turnover at the machine because the program is ready to go. 
I strongly recommend that any teacher of CNC ( metals or wood routing) look into adopting it for their course.  Feel free to e-mail me if you are a teacher of CNC.

Mike Fitzpatrick
Technical Instructor - Marysville S.D.
Contact or



MetaCut Finish



"Northwood Designs' software was more than I expected. When used with our programs it makes everything faster, both in my computer and on my machine. Our surface finish is better and we have not had any problems from the first installation. We like the product well enough that we recently purchased 3 more copies of the software."

Clete Culp (CNC Programmer)
Beckman Instruments, California, USA
Used for: Vacuum formed patterns and molds w/Fadal
4 Copies

"We've never had any problems. Our files are smaller, our finishes have been great, and on some jobs we don't even need to hand work the mold."

George Raroha (CNC Programmer)
Dual Machine Tool, Inc., New Jersey, USA
Used for: Injection molds for auto and electronics
3 copies

"The software from Northwood Designs has been a big time saver; allowing us to produce our parts in as little as 30% to 40% of the time that it took before."

Tom McDonald (CNC Programmer)
Milton-Bradley Co., Massachusetts, USA
Used for: Molds
2 Copies

"It has been a tremendous time savings in our shop. We have reduced our machining time by 30% to 50% and our electrodes look like they have been ground without doing any hand work. The quality of the finish has allowed us to do a new class of job, and we were able to avoid the purchase of a new, faster CNC machine because of the file size reductions. I think this technology has given us a leg up on our competition."

Rick Zicarelli (CNC Supervisor)
Global Precision, Florida, USA
Used for: Complex electrodes, 48 cavity injection molds

"It's been well worth our investment. Our files are smaller, and our finishes are much better."

Scott Dase (Owner)
Advanced Tooling, Alabama, USA
Used for: Aluminum molds for furniture parts

"Not only are we pleased with the finish on our guitar bodies, but the exact stop/continuous feature of the Northwood product keeps our machine from "bumping" at the end of each cut and ruining both the part and our machine. This is reducing our sanding time and we believe our machine maintenance. This is a product we can't live without!"

J. Rod Rood (Systems Engineer)
Warmoth Guitar Products, Inc., WA, USA
Used for: Guitar necks and bodies with a CNC router

"MetaCut Finish paid for itself in just a few jobs. We have reduced our polishing times in injection molds by at least 50% and are able to make the best use of our highly skilled polishers. We've even had jobs that did not require polishing. We have done statistical comparisons on files with and without using MetaCut, and have found that our parts are more accurate to the original surfaces when using it! Our quality has improved and our time has decreased. We highly recommend MetaCut."

Bourhis Mold, Inc., California, USA
Used for: Complex molds

"We do our finish machining with a constant Z level type of cut. Northwood Designs software has improved our finish so much that it paid for itself on the first mold in the shortening of our benching time. It also has reduced our program sizes by as much as 96%. It is a necessity in our shop."

Terry Krawczak (CNC Programmer)
Wolverine Pattern, Michigan, USA
Used for: Automotive & mold parts

"I would recommend this software to anybody. I barely have to touch my electrodes after machining when using it."

Jack Strohecker (Vice President)
Accu-Mold & Tool Co. Inc., PA, USA
Used for: Electrodes

"The polishing time on our molds has been reduced by many hours. Usually, all that it takes to finish polishing is a Scotch-Brite pad."

George Lawton (CNC Programmer)
Kintz Plastics, Inc., New York, USA
Used for: Aluminum molds